The Book

Max’s best-selling cookbook Smoked Salmon, Delicious Innovative Recipes (Chronicle Books, 2003) offers 60 ways to enjoy the incomparable flavor of this year-round party staple (Available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble). Each succulent dish highlights the versatility of this irresistible, easy-to-find delicacy, whether it’s featured in a soup, salad, sandwich, or main course.

The recipes are intentionally accessible, their tone is super friendly, and they include all the steps necessary to prepare and serve salmon. For elegant parties, something Max is known for creating, the Smoked Salmon Deviled Eggs with fresh dill make a fantastic starter. Creative dinner ideas include Smoked Salmon Ravioli and Roasted Smoked Salmon on a Bed of French Lentils, drizzled with Bacon-Horseradish Butter Sauce. With gorgeous photographs, instructions for smoking salmon at home, and useful tips such as how to make beautiful salmon “rose” garnishes, this is the ultimate guide to life in the pink.

A man of many talents, Max is also known as the local “Salmon Man” and smokes his own just blocks away from his Grocery store. You can purchase Max & Me Smoked Salmon at the Max Hansen Carversville Grocery, or at various other local shops in the area, and try your hand at making the recipes in his book.